Installation Instructions


Due to the shape of the internal contact patch, there are some barrel requirements that must be met. This bucking was designed to be compatible across a large spectrum of barrel brands. However not all barrels will be compatible. To check for compatibility, please ensure that the barrel window meets the minimum dimensions shown below. Ideally the corners of the barrel window should be squared, however the TruSight Airsoft team has tested some rounded corner barrels with success.

Window of Barrel

We recommend using a light film of silicone oil on the portion of the barrel shown above to aid in installation. Likewise, coating the Tru-HopTM bucking with a light film of silicone oil will make sliding the barrel and bucking assembly into the hop-up chamber easier. Tru-HopTM buckings have a 500 – 1000 round break-in period before maximum performance is achieved.

Installation Instructions

Here are installation instructions for current and former TruSight Airsoft products:

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